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The Innerglass Interior Storm Window is mounted on the inside of the stops of the primary window, where it seals tightly, eliminating drafts and condensation problems. It conforms to the window opening and pops in & out easily without tools.

Inside Storm Window Installation Video

Installation Guides for Interior Storm Windows (Download Below)

Compression Window Installation Instructions

Double Hung Window Installation Instructions

Sliding Window Installation Instructions

Surface Mount Installation Instructions

Interior Storm Window Installation Video

Compression-Fit makes installing literally as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Easy to Install Storm Window, Replacement Window, Energy Efficient WindowCut the header channel to fit inside the top of your window frame and secure the channel in place.

  2. Easy Install Storm Window, Do It Yourself Window Replacement, Energy Efficient WindowSqueeze the compression sides in to insert the top of the window into the header channel, then continue pressing the sides in from top to bottom as you push it in place.
  3. Easy to Install Storm Window, Sound Proof Window, Window Preservation, Window ReplacementDrill a 3/32″hole on each side in front of the window about 1/3 of the way up from the sill and insert the blocking pins.

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