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Innerglass Storm Window Customer Feedback & Testimonials

We were so happy to find a storm window that allows our 1880 Farm house to keep it’s historic look in the winter.
~ Janice G.

They look great installed, and are very tight. The sound insulation was immediately noticeable.
~ Jack P.

Thank you so much for being so easy to work with. I couldn’t be happier.
~ Marilyn C.

Had them installed 7 years ago. Just as described, they’re beautiful, invisible, and worked wonders for removing all the drafts from our really lousy windows. The installation was easy.

~ Jody R.

Your windows are definitely one of the better purchases that we have ever made. We would recommend Innerglass to anyone.
~ John J.

We have owned Innerglass windows for the last ten years. These inserts have kept our 200 year old house warm while still maintaining the beauty of the original windows. The are practically invisible when installed and easy to remove for cleaning. Customer service is excellent. I Highly recommend both the product and the service.
~ Dennis S.

What a difference the windows have made, we now have to look outside to tell if the wind is blowing.
~ Arthur Z.

There isn’t a draft in the house despite the fierce winds and low temperatures this winter.
~ Michael E.

I am a woman with no carpentry experience, and I’m very proud to have completed the installation myself.
~ Jean K.

We had all 21 windows done before supper. The furnace has caught up and we are warm for the 1st time in weeks. What a difference!
~ Marilyn C.

The sound insulating quality is amazing, this alone justifies the installation.
~ Chuck P.

Purchased a couple of interior storm windows to try them out after researching a few companies. Wow! Noticed the insulating value the first day. Have ordered interior storms for the rest of the house.
~ Chuck F.

We’d like to thank you for the excellent engineering & fabrication of our windows.
~ Marge G.

I was surprised by the quiet. The logging trucks and snowmobiles seemed to disappear!
~ William L.

You have definitely built a better mousetrap! The Compression-Fit is a great idea and the windows are super.
~ Leon H.

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