Warranty & Maintenance

Warranty Information

Innerglass Window Systems warranty the Innerglass Window for 5 years against defects in materials or workmanship, excepting fading and warping of the dark brown color vinyl in intense sun conditions and glass breakage. Customer agrees to maintain the window by a yearly application of vinyl protectant such as Armor All on the framing. We will repair or replace any defective window at our option, at our place of business, free of charge, except for shipping costs. Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Windows broken by customers will be fixed at a nominal charge at our facility or we may, if desired, send needed parts (except glass) to the customer and instructions to be repaired locally.


The Double Hung & Slider window tracks should be kept clean for easy operation. Cleaning & lubrication can be accomplished by a vinyl protectant such as Armor All. Wiping down all vinyl surfaces at least yearly will extend the life of the windows. Low E glass can be cleaned with any glass cleaner.

Acrylic glazed windows must not be cleaned with paper towels and regular glass cleaner. Any cleaner containing ammonia will ruin the acrylic!

Acrylic windows need to be cleaned using any acrylic polish such as Brillianize, and a non-abrasive wiping towel. Get the wiping towels where you get the polish. Paper towels are too abrasive to clean acrylic. 100% Cotton rags work well.

Surface dirt should be removed by a dusting brush or feather duster or rinsing with a hose. Clean the windows according to the acrylic polish directions. The polish will also reduce static clinging of dust and keep windows cleaner longer.